Pod created three broadcast ready commercial spots for the Puma FAAS running shoe to demostrate how light the shoe is. In the first creative, shoes hanging around Usain Bolt’s shoulders surprise Bolt and the viewers by floating off of his shoulders highlighting their light weight.

In the second broadcast ready commercial the FAAS spinning shoe was shot on green screen and composited with Usain Bolt who has a good time spinning it from one finger to another.

In the final piece Usain Bolt holding the shoe in a demonstrative way and it “magically” and surprisingly floats out of his hands.

The commercials ran on Puma’s website, their YouTube channel and could be used as commercial spots for television.

Watch them:

Shoe Magic with Usain Bolt: Faas 300 Levitates

Shoe Magic with Usain Bolt: Spinning the Faas 300

Shoe Magic with Usain Bolt: Faas 500 Magic

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