Armed with statistics that show 88% of all New Years Resolutions fail, MeYou Health approached us about creating a social, interactive experience for a New Years Resolution micro site with a twist.

Whether the larger goal is for losing weight, spending more time with family, saving money, or stopping smoking the New Year’s Anti-Resolution micro-site enables the user to quickly move through the steps to pledge not to make large resolutions but rather educate them to make small, meaningful actions for their own well-being.

The micro site was coded in HTML5 with linear movement based on the users selections and as the user interacts through the site they are greeted with fireworks, an end affirmation and a call to action to sign up for MeYou Health’s Daily Challenge to receive daily small action tips reminding the user to stay true to their pledge.

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    Jules Pieri, Co-founder & CEO, The Grommet

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    Nathan Cobb, MD Chief Medical Officer, MeYou Health

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