Another MiTX award winner in 2008, gamers are challenged to treat and contain unknown biological threats before they become global catastrophes in this exciting, multi-leveled online game. The game was created as a promotion for A&E's remake of its 2008 Memorial Day premier The Andromeda Strain. The game which began on May 5th, 2008 featured four levels with a new, fictitious virus introduced each week. In order to unlock the final level – the Andromeda Strain itself – players must answer a password question correctly based on clues found in the first nights premiere.

Each level of the game is comprised of storyline videos that establish the back-story for the fictitious diseases, followed by a series of lab themed "mini-games." Players are challenged to complete unique scientific procedures inspired by the futuristic technology and forensic procedures featured prominently in A&E's Andromeda Strain mini-series. Gamers are challenged weekly by solving each of the mini-games on a level before moving on to the next week’s disease, a pass code and launch date is then given for the next, more difficult level. The multi-leveled game is comprised of 20 mini-games, 25 story-line videos, 3D renderings and extensive animation.

The game was one of our more ambitious productions and involved the talents of numerous game programmers, writers, 3D artists, voice-over actors and broadcast designers. Our goal was to create an episodic experience that would create buzz and involvement with the audience leading up to the Memorial Day premier of the mini-series. The Wildfire lab provided Pod with the ideal setting to create a series of crises that would escalate as the shows premier date neared. In order to keep the solutions for each outbreak a mystery, Pod had to create fictitious diseases and back stories surround their outbreaks

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