Remember those World War 2 movies, where a team was assembled for a secret mission, each an expert in an area of expertise like blowing stuff up, hand-to-hand combat or mountain climbing, and one of those guys might have been Telly Savalas?

We work like that,  a tactical team of  seasoned experienced creative and development veterans who work great together, and will do whatever it takes to get the mission done, no matter what it takes.

Although we rarely blow stuff up, we do have a bald-guy like Telly Savalas.

Who loves 'ya baby?

Pod Principals
The Pod team has broad experience in design and development of consumer websites, microsites, games, mobile and social applications, video production and interactive marketing.

Steve Curran
President, Creative Development
Pod’s founder and creative director has been delivering award-winning entertainment and marketing since 1988. Before starting Pod, he was the co-founder and creative director of e-tractions, a Boston-based online promotions company, and vice president/creative director of Gametek where he oversaw the development of numerous best-selling titles for Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Playstation. He has directed website designs for clients such as Warner Brothers, History Channel, Atlantic Records, National Geographic, and many others. He is the author of Motion Graphics: Design for Television and Film, and Convergence Design for Interactive Television, Broadband and Wireless. He is contributing author to the book Connected Marketing, writing about branded games and entertainment.

Lizzie Curran
Vice President, Account Management
Lizzie has over twenty years experience in marketing, advertising, public relations and entertainment development. As an account executive in NYC ad firms, she has developed and executed advertising plans for clients such as IBM, TDK, Oldsmobile, and Cointreau Liquor. She was a partner in Pod Miami, a Miami-based multimedia firm, and a founding partner in e-tractions, a Boston-based online promotions company. Lizzie has produced over 150 titles, including award-winning games for consoles, computer, internet, and mobile platforms. Her specialization in strategy and user behaviors aided Pod in the development of multi-platform games, such as Crack the Case for AETN, Andromedia Strain and 1st 48.

Frank Ladd
Senior Design Director
Frank has been creating interactive entertainment and game-based design since 1996. He served as creative director at the Los Angeles-based content development studio Bali Hai Entertainment, and was founder and creative director at Cartoon Moon, an award-winning Boston-based entertainment marketing company. As a consultant, he has designed and developed interactive content for companies such as Nissan, Cisco, John Hancock, Prudential, Thomson Financial, Centra and AtomShockwave.

John Lione
John has 20 years experience in all phases of interactive content development from strategic conceptualization to creative direction to execution. John carries a unique balance of creative expertise, technological skills, and marketing experience resulting in numerous award-winning online games and interactives. He is equally comfortable in the roles of team manager and hands-on developer. John’s clients include The History Channel, AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Better Business Bureau, Harvard Medical School, Polaroid, Raytheon and Lucent Technologies.

Steven Washington
Lead Programmer
Steven is a lead programmer specializing in Flash as well as web development and is a recent addition to Pod Design. He started with Pod as an intern following his graduation from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Steven has contributed to the Boston indie game scene working with Dejobaan Games and has worked with Ebay’s Research Labs in San Jose, California. Steven is an experienced developer of Facebook, iOS and Android, HTML5, UNITY, database and CMS development.

Lilia Kilburn
Assistant Producer
Lilia has been working with Pod in a creative, administrative, and production capacity since 2006. She graduated from Amherst College summa cum laude, where she honed her design skills as Director of the Council of Amherst Publications and as Editor-in-Chief of two campus magazines, after which she was the recipient of a Thomas Watson Fellowship. She has provided freelance writing and graphic design services to a variety of clients, including the Amherst College Department of Political Science, Texas Rio-Grande Legal Aid, Åbo Akademi University, Remas, Artsbridge Institute Israel-Palestine, and Educate! Africa.

Nick Beaubien
Video Producer / Animator
Nick is a talented Director Of Photography, Editor, Animator and Producer of Pod's video and motion graphic production. His productions are used as integrated into game experiences, as motion graphic treatements for games and websites, and as video production for web and television.